Types of Trading Pins

It might have escaped most people’s scrutiny, but there are different types of trading pins on circulation around the world. For instance, Disney pins are quite famous with children, something that can be attributed to the fact that they have pictures of children’s favorite cartoon characters on them. Children are going to wear such pins to appear better in front of their friends. The pins also show the type of cartoon or character that a certain child like, something that allows them to meet and make friends with others with the same type of preference.

The other type of trading pins is the baseball pins. In fact, if you asked most people about trading pins, they would tell you a lot about this type as it is the only one they have ever seen. They are the most common and they feature names and messages of various teams. Others feature photos of some of the most prominent players of the team and others are going to have an image of the team logo emblazoned on them. These ones are mostly exchanged during baseball games by either fans or even the players themselves.

The other type of trading pins is the personal trading pins, and these ones as the name suggests are homemade. Simply put, they are the type you make for yourself and they often have personal messages or pictures. These pins are in most cases traded during interaction activities. Therefore, they do not go far, except in cases of international events. Worth noting is that this category of pins can be made for families, especially in instances where there is a certain family business. They can serve as a form of identity. Better still, the pins can as well be made for fun and presented as either presents for occasions such as birthdays, or souvenirs.

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