Disney Pin trading

Trading pins in Disney land is a fun activity especially for kids to enjoy. Here visitors get to trade Disney pins with other visitors and members of Disney. You get to have a new collection of Disney pins. Visitors find the pin that they want from other visitors and exchange with the one they have. Visitors nowadays are able to trade pins on a daily basis as they visit Disneyland. There is a huge variety of pins from which to trade. Here are some tips.
1).People trading pins should thoroughly check that the pins are real and not fake. If not sure whether the pin is real or fake, take it to a cast member and he or she will tell you.
2). Make sure your pins are in the best condition, as people will not agree to trade with old, rusted pins.
3). If you have pins that need to be traded as a set, make sure you have the whole set. This is because they will not be accepted, if even one is missing.
4). Have a variety of pins to ensure that you trade with as many people as you can.
5). Be co-operative in the pin trading event and do not get anxious such that you go grabbing other peoples pin(s). This will annoy the other pin trader and in the end, you many not get the pin. Just ask politely.
6). Never bring trading pins that are not from Disneyland because they will not be accepted. There is no need of coming with them, only for you not to trade and go home with new ones.
7). Above everything else, remember to have fun while pin trading. It is an exciting way to meet new friends and form a lasting friendship with the ones you have. You will do all this while making memories to last a lifetime.

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